Tips to Succeed at H1B Visa Interview

H1B visa

Tips to Succeed at H1B Visa Interview

The H1B visa process can be formidable, but you can crack it if you are well prepared for success. Impressing the Consular Officer is not an easy task. Hence, carrying the right documents and being prepared to face the toughest questions is of utmost importance. This is turn might result in a positive outcome although we can’t predict the result of an H1B visa.   

It might sound very easy when we talk about the H1B visa interview after the H1B visa petition gets accepted by USCIS. But it is not as simple and it involves all-round preparation. It might be a nail-biting experience for many predominantly for the first-timers. There is an infinite number of negative experiences and rejections related to H1B visa interview process. 

H1B Visa Interview Preparation 

  • Ensure that you have completed all the pre-requisite steps such as biometrics submission, DS-160 completion and payment of fees before the interview. 
  • Gather all the relevant documents mentioned on the Consulate website including, 
  • A copy of the H1B visa application originally filed by you along with LCA and client data. 
  • Originals and photocopies of all the educational certificates with the degree evaluation. 
  • An updated resume and experience letters if worked previously in a related field. 
  • A job offer letter from an employer from the USA. 
  • Payslips and other proofs related to previous employment 
  • If you are residing in the US, have any evidence to prove your status. 
  • Arrange all the documents in a folder to easily produce them to the Consular Officer when they ask for it. Carry decent folders and avoid cheap plastic files that are flashy or colored. 
  • Make sure that the information provided in the H1B visa application and the other documents are consistent as any inconsistency might lead to immediate rejection. 
  • Find out the common interview questions from someone you know who faced an H1B visa interview or from the internet. Try to conduct a mock interview session with someone and answer the questions precisely. 
  • Although English is not mandatory and a translator can be requested, the Consular Officer might be concerned if you are going to work in the USA without knowing English. 

During H1B Visa Interview

  • Corroborate that you have a copy of your Appointment Confirmation Paper and all the other relevant documents with you before arriving at the Consulate. Try to be there at least 30 minutes before the appointment time. 
  • Dress up in formals and strictly avoid jeans or sneakers. In the US, casual attire is not encouraged for formal meetings. 
  • Learn the basic etiquette and be polite to everyone at the Consulate and don’t forget to greet the Consular Officer. It’s highly important to create a good impression at first sight despite being nervous. 
  • Provide the documents that the Consular Officer demands only when he asks and don’t take much time in searching for the document. Organize the folder properly ahead. 
  • Give clear, precise and honest answers to the questions asked by Consular Officer. 
  • Have basic knowledge of the field you are going to work in the US. If you don’t have answers to such basic questions then the chances of getting the visa are almost zero. 
  • Never try to cheat the Consular Officer by providing fake documents or misleading information. It might restrict you to enter the USA for a lifetime. 
  • Ensure that your employer in the USA is credible and has given you a bona fide job offer. If the employer has failed to pay wages to the employees on an H1B visa, then it might affect your visa. 
  • Have a bright smile on your face throughout the process and look at the Officer’s eyes while talking to him/her. 

Basic H1B Visa Interview Questions 

  • When and how did your employer interview you? 
  • How did you learn about this position? 
  • Where in the US will you be working? 
  • Will you be working at a client’s place or in-house? 
  • What is the nature of the company that you are going to work in? 
  • How many employers are there in the US Company? 
  • To whom will you be reporting and what is his/her designation? 
  • What is the annual turnover of the company? 
  • What computer languages you know? (For IT professionals) 
  • What is your current salary and what is the offered salary in the US Company? 
  • Where will you stay in the US? 
  • How long will you stay in the US? 

Bottom Line 

The tedious H1B process can be easily handled by being well prepared. Focus on the points mentioned above and give your best during the interview. If you have missed any of the documents, then a 221(g) form will be issued in pink, green, blue or yellow along with the ticking of missing items. So, you don’t have to book another appointment instead can drop off the missing documents in the Visa Application Center. It might take a few days to months to process your visa depending upon your performance. So don’t panic and manage the situation effectively to impress the Consular Officer and don’t give even the slightest possibility from your end to reject your visa. 

Best wishes for the interview and I hope this post was informative. Share your H1B visa interview experience and doubts below. 

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