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Singapore/Dubai Work Permit

Dubai is one of the financially stable countries in the world. More than ¾th of the population in the UAE comprises of professionals from different parts of the world. Dubai exhibits a similar trend and has people speaking different languages and practicing different religions.


It is a popular destination for immigrants from India. Job opportunity is one of the common reasons why people want to migrate to Dubai. There are different types of visas available for those who want to stay and work in Dubai.

Dubai Work Permit


If you are wondering how to work in Dubai, we are here to help you. Any foreign resident who is not a citizen of the UAE needs a residency visa to live and work in Dubai. It allows employees to obtain a work permit. The majority of people who have secured employment before arriving in Dubai do not have to deal with authorities for getting a work permit. Dubai Work Permit allows the candidates to take a job and live in Dubai.

Singapore is one of the flourishing countries in the world. It has strong trading links with international countries. The per capita GDP of Singapore is equal to that of leading countries like the USA and UK. It is one of the safest countries with a very low unemployment rate and crime rate. With the best higher education systems and a highly skilled workforce, there are tons of job opportunities in multiple sectors.


If you are considering migrating to a well-developed city, Singapore would satisfy your dream.  There are different types of visas that help you land in Singapore.

Singapore Work Permit


Singapore S pass visa allow medium-skilled workforce from foreign countries to work in Singapore with a minimum salary of 2,200 Singapore dollars.  There are certain restrictions for hiring firms such as – employment contract, levies and health coverage. The overseas employees are required to have a minimum qualification. The applications are assessed based on education, skills, job type, experience, and salary.  


Matriculation/Higher Secondary/Diploma

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Valid Passport

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If you have not yet secured a job, you must go through a tedious application process. We at AI Cyber Solution Pvt Ltd take care of your immigration needs and help you find a suitable job in Dubai/Singapore.


We are hiring skilled and experienced candidates for labor jobs in Singapore and Dubai. There is a huge requirement for mason blockers, kitchen assistants, general cleaners, warehouse keepers, carpenters and more.


Once you are ready with the required documents, our consultant will walk you through the process of finding a suitable job in Dubai/Singapore and complete all the immigration formalities on your behalf.

If you are interested to migrate to Singapore/Dubai, please fill the inquiry form. Our executives will approach you for further assistance.

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