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Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is the ecosystem of accessing physical objects through a connected internet. IoT stands for the Internet of Things, where the word ‘Things’ could be a device with the automobile with built-in-sensors or a person with a pace-maker i.e. the device with assigned IP address and can transfer data over a network.


IoT can connect devices that are embedded in different systems via the internet. This kind of connectivity helps the user to capture data from different places, ensuring increased efficiency and productivity. IoT platforms can help businesses reduce costs through improved productivity and efficiency. Companies can benefit from real-time analytics that helps them to make better decisions.


With the increased adoption of IoT, the demand for skilled IoT developers is increasing. More and more professionals want to make the most of the opportunities.

Internship in IoT

If you want to increase your chances of settling in a high paying job or future-proof your career, you should work as an intern in any reputed company in the USA. The internship is an opportunity to enhance practical knowledge and build real-life projects and applications. Keep in mind that most of the college education does not cover trending technologies like IoT and Machine Learning. AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd offers training which will be ideal for IT graduates. 

Career paths in IoT

There is no specific degree, qualification or certification in IoT. Careers in IoT are relatively new and require a lot of dedication and innovation. Networks are going through a lot of innovation and hence, there is going to be more demand for IoT engineers in the coming years. 

IoT will help professionals across different verticals to do their job in a better way. Here are the top 5 jobs that can take advantage of IoT –

Cybersecurity professionals

IoT cloud engineer

IoT expert/developer

Embedded programs engineer

Safety engineer/plant manager

Who can apply for an internship in IoT?

IT graduates with a basic understanding of electronics and microprocessors

Fresher/experienced graduates with associative thinking and problem-solving skills

Candidates with good command over networking, programming, data management cloud computing, etc.

Good communication skills in English

How To Apply

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