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Big Data

Big Data refers to the data with huge volume, variety, and variability. The data is so large and complex that it is difficult to store and process with traditional management tools. The big data can be categorized into structured and unstructured data.

Structured data


Any data that can be stored and accessible in the form of a fixed format is known as structured data. For example – the employee table in a typical employee database is structured data.



Unstructured data


The data with an unknown structure is known as unstructured data. Such data possesses huge challenges in terms of processing and deriving meaningful values out of it. Organizations have a wealth of data in the form of text files, images, media, etc. This data is in its raw form and is often considered unstructured data.

Internship in Big Data

If you want to make a career in Big Data as a beginner, the best way is to join an internship program an IT company. There are plenty of options for IT graduates who want to make a career in this field.


AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd provides internship opportunities in Big Data for qualified candidates. You will get the opportunity to join as an intern/trainee in one of our affiliated firms in the USA. Broaden your skills and expertise by joining us.

Career paths in Big Data

Big data is one of the rewarding careers in 2020 with plenty of opportunities.  The data generation is creating a need for organizations to hire Big Data professionals and draw significant insights for the benefit of the organization. According to statistics, the Big Data sector is likely to worth $64 billion by 2020.a


Big Data professionals are amongst ones of the highly paid professionals. The average salary of big data professional is around $115,000, which is 30% more than an IT professional. It is evident that organizations are ready to pay high for Hadoop and Cassandra professionals.

Big data analytics is one of the hottest skills, as it helps companies gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.  There is an ocean of opportunities for those skilled in Big Data Analytics, some of which are as below –

Data scientist

Big data engineer

Machine learning engineer

Big data analyst

Business analytics specialist

Data visualization developer

AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of internship on Big Data and immigration services. We invite fresher/experienced candidates to join our foreign technical training program to improve their skills in Big Data and get a J1 job in the USA.

Who can apply for an internship in Big Data?

IT Graduates can undertake an internship in Big Data for 12/18 months in the USA.

Basic knowledge of Python,
Hadoop and SQL

Have strong analytical skills, troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

How To Apply

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