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Internship In The USA

The USA is one of the developed countries in the world and comprises people of different races, religions, ethnics, and cultures. It is a prime choice for students and new graduates for training or internship in their respective fields. Every year thousands of people immigrate to America to fulfill their dreams.


Our internship/training programs will not only help you gain theoretical knowledge but develop practical skills in a real work environment overseas. The experience you gain by interning at AICS Pvt Ltd will provide you a closer look at the culture and lifestyle of America.


The candidates can opt for completing the internship/training with AI Cyber Solutions under the J1 Visa Exchange Program. We have uniquely customized programs that meet the requirements of fresher/experienced candidates across multiple domains. We provide the below two options –


We provide an internship opportunity for students and graduates (who left the college within 12 months) before applying here. The internship is a great opportunity for those who want to improve their skills and experience US work culture. An internship in USA will boost the value of your resume.


We provide a training opportunity for those who have completed graduation and have at least 1 years of work experience in their respective field of study. The main purpose of this program is to promote cultural exchange while exposing the trainee to American methodologies and culture.

Program Highlights

  • Get the opportunity to work for top-notch companies in the USA.
  • Gain invaluable work experience.
  • Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks.
  • Increase marketability to employers.
  • Get paid for the work you do, Earn $8.5-$12 per Hour(based on experience)
  • Work, travel, Learn in the USA

Program Benefits

  • Visa assistance
  • Full-time support from our local team
  • Online Processing
  • A leading internship in your field of interest
  • Job oriented training
  • Live project training
  • Free: Bizz skills training
  • Customized syllabus
  • Assessments & Feedback
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Medical Insurance

Improve Your Technical,Intercultural And Interpersonal Skills



Cybersecurity refers to the processes and practices that are designed to protect IT infrastructure from unauthorized access or potential cyber threat.


Big Data


Big Data refers to the data with huge volume, variety, and variability.The big data can be categorized into structured and unstructured data.


Data Science & AI


Data science and AI are two important technologies that are driving the world.Data science can be combined with AI to make operations easier.


Internet of Things ( IoT )


IoT is the ecosystem of accessing physical objects through a connected internet.IoT can connect devices that are embedded in different systems via the internet.


Machine learning


Machine learning refers to the ability of the computer to learn from data without any program or coding.


How To Apply

Before you apply for a J1 Visa, it is better if you check the eligibility. Click on the ‘Check Eligibility’ below to take your first steps towards getting your PR Visa.
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