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Refund Policy

Refund Policy


The standard information pertaining towards the refund of paid services with AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd is mentioned here.


Any fees paid to Ai Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd are for the provision of services listed on our website The applicant is responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with our services using one of our accepted payment methods.


The applicant understands and agrees that the total amount will include-

    • Registration fee
    • Processing fee
    • Applicable service tax.


Note: The refund would be calculated only on the processing fee.


In case of rejection by the Immigration and Visa Authorities, AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd will refund the applicable amount as per stated in the agreement. The refund will be made within 45 to 60 working days after refund form is submitted.


The registration/processing fees include the charges towards the services rendered by AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd along with the application or visa processing fees. The applicant agrees to pay the entire fees, as applicable during the processing.


No refund will be granted, in case of the visa is rejected on the following grounds –

    • If the applicant fail to attend the visa interview
    • Submission of fraudulent documents
    • Violation of any immigration or visa law by the applicant or any of his/her family members included in the application
    • If the applicant abandons his/her case within 3 months from the date of registration


If the request for a refund falls under the above terms & conditions of AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd, the time taken to process such a request would be 45 to 60 working days.