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Important things to know about H1B Visa and J1 Visa

Important things You should know about H1B Visa and J1 Visa

Important things to know about H1B Visa and J1 Visa

Every year thousands of professionals travel to the USA for employment purposes. People who travel to the USA for employment in specialty occupations need to get an H1B Visa. The new hire must receive a visa to enter the USA and start work for his/her company. The specialty occupation can be your eligibility to get an H1B Visa. However, the recent updates have complicated the process of obtaining an H1B visa.

What is H1B Visa?

The H1B visa is also known as a non-immigrant visa that allows employees of foreign countries to work in specialty occupations. The foreign employee must be specialized in the field. If the employer couldn’t find someone suitable for the job, he/she can hire a foreign worker under the H1B Visa.

The H1B Visa can be valid for 3 years and can be extended for 6 years. However, the visa may not be extended if the purpose of travel to the USA is fulfilled. The H1B employee has to find a new employer if he/she ever quit or is dismissed by the employer that sponsored the visa. The employee can re-apply for the H1B visa – if he/she is hired by a USA company again.

The tech companies are dependent on H1B Visa to hire skilled employees from countries like India, China, Japan, Singapore, etc. According to sources – more than 60% of these Visa holders are Indians.

What is H1B Latest Update 2018?

There have been major changes in H1B Visa rules in the year 2018. Based on the updates, your H1B visa may be declined for any reason. Due to the recent updates under the Donald Trump administration, it has become difficult for employees to get H1B Visa.

The revised bill prohibits companies from hiring H1B employees and encourages recruiting Americans. Before the policy update, one could return to their home country easily – if their original tenure of H1B has expired or the original status is denied.

According to the latest updates, the USCIS will issue a Notice to Appear (NTA) to the H1B Visa holder whose tenure has expired or change of status is denied. The H1B Visa holder is not allowed to leave the USA until the immigration judge grants you to do so. Till that period, the H1B Visa holder is not allowed to work anywhere in the USA.

Besides, there are several limitations for people traveling to the USA on H1B Visa. 
Some of the limitations are –  
No employment mobility
Difficulty getting loans
The employer can hold hostage
Unexpected layoffs
Loss of job
Limited number of H1B visas issued every year
In short, it is harder to get an H1B Visa these days. Even if you find a sponsor for H1BVisa, you may have issues staying/working in the USA.

What is the best option to travel to the USA?

There are several types of work visas for those who want a temporary stay in the USA. J1 Visa is one such that has a validity of 12 to 18 months of stay in the USA. The J1 Visa is known as Exchange Program Visa that allows the individuals to work for the sponsors to learn, gain experience and build cross-culture relationships.

J1 Visa and H1B Visa are the non-immigrant Visas that allow individuals to work in the USA for a limited period. The requirements of both are similar. However, the criteria and application process are entirely different for J1 Visa and H1B Visa.

J1 Visa offers a wide range of benefits compared to H1B visa, some of which are described below,

  • J1 Visa is advertised as a training program and hence students/experienced candidates can get it easily.
  • J1 Visa holders are allowed to work as an intern/trainee in reputed companies in the USA, depending on the type of program. Individuals will be earning in dollars.
  • It is possible for J1 Visa holder to take their family members as dependants under J2 Visa.
  • J1 Visa holders will be able to enjoy American culture, as they are treated with equality,
  • J1 Visa holders will be provided a social security number using which they can access banks, ATMs and related activities.


In short, the J1 Visa allows young talent to work in the USA under an internship or training program. The participants can earn while they are learning in a real-time environment.

So, if you are dreaming of traveling to the USA and gain valuable work experience, start researching about J1 Visa.

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