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How to Find the Best Internship in the USA?

Internship in the USA

How to Find the Best Internship in the USA?

Every year thousands of professionals decide to do an internship in the United States.  An internship in the United States an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. However, grabbing the best opportunity in the USA is not an easy task. 

 Many international students want to cut a date with an internship in the United States.  Because it is one of the best ways to land your dream job in the USA. It is best to be prepared in advance on how to get an internship in the USA.  

Before you try to find an internship in the United States, you should consider the number of factors like – nuances of visas, American work culture, full-time job opportunities and more.  

In this article, we will guide you through several options on how to get into an internship program.

Types of internship 

Your internship will not only give you an understanding of the area but will help you understand where you stand in the crowd. It will also help you find a suitable job upon completion of the program. Basically, there are two types of internship –  

1. Work-experience internship – Work-experience internship is offered by privately held firms in the USA that provide real-world experience.  If you are seeking a job in the USA, you should consider pursuing this type of internship.  

2. Research internship – The research internships are usually offered by universities and are suitable for those who are interested in attending a graduate school.  

As an intern seeking work experience, you will be offered a stipend or scholarship based on your field of study.

How to find an internship??

The process of finding an internship can take 3-6 months, depending on your skills Also, there are a number of expenses associated with an internship in the USA that includes – airfare, housing, food, transportation, insurance, and visa sponsorship.

There are thousands of internship opportunities across the United States. The majority of interns prefer to intern at a reputed company in the USA because they think it will look good on their resume.  The fact is that small companies and startups give interns more responsibilities and exposure to challenging projects

Besides these, there are certain rules and limitations for joining an internship program in the USA.  You should be familiar with the visa rules and guidelines for joining an internship. Build an active network of professionals and maintain a good relationship with them for the purpose of exploring new job opportunities in the USA.

Understand the Visa options

If you want to come to the United States to undertake an internship, you are likely to come on a J1 visa. When you come to the United States on a J1 visa, you can be there up to 12-18 months, which is similar to optional practical training (OPT) on the F1 visa.  You must get written approval from the J1 sponsor to join an internship program in your field of study. The J1 visa sponsors will place you in an internship for a cost and even provide housing and other Logistics.

  •    Intern Visa

To join as an intern in the USA, you must either be enrolled in a foreign college or have graduated within the past 12 months. In such a case, you are allowed to stay in the USA for a period of 12 months.  

  •     Trainee Visa

On the contrary, if you want to join as a trainee in the USA, you must have a degree along with at least a one-year work experience.  You are allowed to stay in the USA for 18 months with a trainee visa. 

To join as a trainee/intern, you must approach a designated sponsor to obtain the J1 visa. The cost and benefits of sponsorship vary from one sponsor to another.

What to expect? 

Once you have landed in the internship of your field of study, you will learn about the cutting-edge technologies in your field, American work culture, develop interpersonal skills and more.  

Startup companies in the USA can be a great place to start interning with.  If you want to get hands-on experience and responsibilities, start-ups are the best option.  You will learn a lot about American work culture, which is pretty individualistic and valued.  In many cases, the American work culture is relatively informal.

An internship in the United States is an amazing opportunity to learn and improve your skills, where things are advanced and always keep changing.  

Want to grab the opportunity to experience American culture in a different way? Let us know by commenting below!

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