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AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd one of the best immigration consultants in Chennai offering wide range of immigration services to the clients. We have established successfully in the market as one of the best immigration consultants offering visa assistance for the USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and Dubai.


Navigating through the application and visa processes is the most concerning aspect of travelling abroad. It is vital to have complete understanding of every document that has to be submitted. We make the process easier for you by validating the documents and guiding you through the entire process.


Our consultants have extensive knowledge about the immigration process and can make the complex process as easy & quick as possible. With strong presence in India, we provide a competitive range of immigration and overseas opportunities to help skilled professionals achieve their goals.AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd had established itself as one of the best Immigration Consultants in Chennai.

AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd is a one-stop solution for students, professionals, employees and mid-skilled laborers who want to migrate. We follow hassle-free visa procedures and provide lucrative solutions to our clients.


If you are eager to kick start your immigration process, look no further. As one of the best Immigration Consultants in Chennai AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd has got you covered with all your immigration needs.

Our Services

Internship in the USA

AI Cyber Solutions is an immigration firm engaged in providing internship opportunities for fresher/experienced graduates who wish to gain global work experience. Our internship and training programs in the USA are a part of the cultural exchange program that aims to transfer skills and knowledge while promoting international co-operation.

Job Seeker Visa – Germany

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a temporary residence permit for qualified professionals. AI Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd can help qualified candidates understand the procedure. From visa formalities to post-landing, you can get guidance from our consultants.

Internship in India

Internship at AI Cyber Solution Pvt Ltd will allow you to polish your skills and improve your interpersonal skills. We appreciate your effort and support you during this time with attractive remuneration. Currently, we are providing internship opportunities in Splunk and UI Development.

Singapore/Dubai Work Permit

We are a certified Dubai/Singapore immigration consultancy located in Chennai help mid-skilled professionals to migrate to Singapore/Dubai with a fast and easy process. A work permit allows you to legally work in Singapore/Dubai depending on your profile.

Why Choose Us?

  • Immigration consultation

  • We assist in obtaining U.S. Work Visa, Job Seeker Visa for Germany, Canada PR Visa etc that allows you to stay and work in your dream country.  

  • Professional service

  • Our professional services and consistent track record ensure smooth immigration.  We dedicate our services to achieve the best outcome for our clients and help them achieve their professional goals.  

  • Eligibility assessment

  • As a reliable immigration consultant in India, we provide with customized solutions for your immigration needs. Our online assessment will help you find your eligibility to apply for visa.  

  • Pre-landing services

  • We provide various pre-landing services such as – assisting the client with documentation, preparing for visa interview, helping the client understand the employment norms, etc.  

  • Application processing

  • Our team is here to make the visa application process much easier for you. We will provide detailed information about the required documents and ensure that the application is processed in a hassle-free way.  

  • Post landing service

  • The immigration process doesn’t end with your arrival at the destination. Our post landing service like – accommodation, food and transportation ensure a smooth transition in the new country.  

Associate Partners 

The selected candidates will join as intern/trainee in one of our affiliated firms in the USA. Our associate partners in USA are –  

AI Cyber Solutions is one of the growing cyber security firms in USA that provide AI powered solutions to the organizations. They use cutting edge technologies like – AI, ML, Big Data and IoT to provide highly scalable consulting solutions.

Cyber Chasse is a privately held firm in the USA specialized in providing cyber security solutions to fortune 500 companies. With a vision to be a trusted leader in technology solutions, they are amongst the leading cyber security companies in the USA.   

Techruit solutions is a thriving IT solution company in the USA with prime focus on IT consulting and software development services. Being a well-established IT firm, they offer end-to-end IT solutions to start ups, enterprises and large organizations.  



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